17 | 2 | 7 (8.5) HQ - IN SHAPE

17 | 2 | 7 (8.5) HQ - IN SHAPE

* 360°
200 (120)
7 (8.5) m
17 m
  • Aerial platform made of high strength steel for boom maximum rigidity and maximum safety while working.
  • The subframe with the aim to couple the platform with truck chassis.
  • Hydraulic oil tank in easy to reach position to check and restore the oil level.
  • Stability guaranteed by No.4 outriggers in H+H, each pair is made by two hydraulic jacks with double effect valve connected to the main hydraulic circuit.
  • Double purpose turret for boom support and rotation. One hydraulic engine coupled with one reducer allows 360° continuous rotation on fifth wheel. One rotating joint, assembled inside the turret, allows movements without hose twisting.
  • The telescopic boom is made of 3 elements (1 fixed + 2 telescopic extensions). Hoses and pipes are positioned inside the boom structure for maximum protection against damages or accidental fall of tools, etc. The telescopic boom allows vertical and horizontal movements.
  • The basket is made to support and protect the operators. The aerial platform can be moved by means of controls positioned on the basket.
  • 100% hydraulic controls with proportional system in low pressure (25 BAR only) in the basket to allow gradual and accurate movements. The hydraulic system in low pressure guarantees a long-lasting life to the platform with maintenance costs reduced at minimum.
  • The steel structure and the booms are made of high strength steel to grant great stability to the whole platform.
  • Lateral outreach up to 7m with 200kg (2 pers.) in the basket and lateral outreach up to 8.5m with 120kg (1 pers.)
17 2 78-5 AREA LAVORO
  • Max Working height 17 m
  • Max lateral outreach 8.5 m with 120 Kg basket capacity
  • Max. lateral outreach 7 m with 200 Kg basket capacity
  • Basket floor 15 m
  • Max. capacity 200 Kg – 2 operators
  • Standard aluminum basket 1400x700x1100 mm
  • Hydraulic basket rotation 90°+90°
  • Stabilisation: n° 4 hydraulic outriggers
  • 360° continuous rotation
  • 100% hydraulic controls in low pressure
  • Minimum GVW 3.5 ton




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