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  • news piattaforme aeree comet
21-2-9 HQ - HH. LOW RES

The New Eurosky 21-2-9 HQ - H+H

Comet Officine as presented to the Lifting Italian Show - GIS of Piacenza 2017 the NEW 21-2-9 HQ - H+H.
The new product reaffirms once again the philosophy of our company that wants to provide a SIMPLE AND ROBUS PLATFORM with DOUBLE ARTICLULATED ARM for a working height of 21 m and a lateral outreach of 9 m and a CONTINUOUS ROTATION of 360 °
Great asset is the ability to bring in NAVICELLA up to 260KG !! and the presence of H + H WITHOUT EXTENSION STABILIZERS and 100% HYDRAULIC LOW PRESSURE CONTROLS to provide high-precision performance. It is an ideal solution for PLATFORMS RENTAL COMPANIES who need a SIMPLE, PRACTICAL AND HIGHLY RELIABLE tool.